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pratima ni HAVELI

1570  /   TO   /   CURRENT

As per archeological records, the area around present day 'Old City' of Ahmedabad has been inhabited since the 700's. The city of Ahmedabad was established in 1411 by the Sultan Ahmed Shah of the Muzaffarid Dynasty. In 1573 Akbar the Great made it part of the Mughal Empire. From 1757 - 1817 it went under Maratha rule until the British took it over till the Independence of India in 1947.

The land purchase records to Pratima's Haveli date back to around the 1570s, it is unclear when construction started but the ground floor of the house has wood carvings with motifs in the Indo-Saracenic style which was prevalent during the eras of both the Sultans and Mughals.

Haveli means a large house or mansion but from an architectural point of view, this old house is actually a time machine.

The ground floor of the house with its intricate rainwater storage system, underground tanks and a well are the oldest part of the house. Subsequently as the sons in the family got married, rooms were added above to house them; each room shows embellishments, motifs and architectural detailing from the time in which it was built. Thus creating a layering of architectural styles through the ages.

In line with that tradition of additions we too are adding elements from our time on to the structures created by our ancestors.

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