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Current Project

​From the initial purchase of the first Haveli in the Old City of Ahmedabad; Pratima, to the subsequent purchase of six nearby buildings, this project has been on-going for over two decades. The goal of the project is to adapt the old buildings in such a way that their past ethos can still be experienced even if their function has been modified for the modern age.

Archeology + Anthropology + Architecture Construction + Economics


The project in Jethabhai Ni pol is made up of 6 houses, all of which are deemed as 'heritage' structures, the houses are in various stages of disrepair.

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The 6 houses have to be restored and modified in a way that they can function as one building. A complex program ranging from educational, tourism and a private residence has to be incorporated while retaining the essence of the place.

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The construction methods used are a direct function of the task that needs to be accomplished, that is, for repair and restoration, we have used salvaged old teak beams and columns that have been installed using traditional vernacular details. For the new construction we are using laminated and cross laminated timber as a modern interpretation of the old wooden structure with stainless steel details

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The make up of the team is such that it is able to deal with the historic methods of construction as well as having an understanding of modern materials that can be meshed in, to further improve on the old construction methods.

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