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At National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad John studied industrial design but instead chose to follow his love for photography.

His first extensive work was the photo documentation of textiles from Kutch and the people who made them.

The two major themes in Johns work were fashion and architecture, and he pursued them in one form or another through out his career.

After NID John moved to Bombay and worked as a photographer for the film industry and with various architects

He moved to New York in 1987 where he started by assisting various established photographers, eventually getting his own projects as a still photographer for various films, a travel photographer for the New York Times Magazine but his biggest show was a collaboration with Alison Chase from the dance troop, Pilobolus.

When John and Kinnari purchased her ancestral home, Pratima ni Haveli in Ahmedabad in 1995, it became John's passion to actively work on the conservation of the old neighbourhoodHe used his skills as a photographer and designer to bring attention to the old city and the need to revitalise it.

It was John's idea to start purchasing adjacent antique houses to their home in order to keep them from being demolished and to retain the spirit of the neighbourhood. John continued to do the good work until his passing in 2009.

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